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Qalaalty Hotel & Spa 5* Shabran

Qalaalty Hotel & Spa 5* "Sanatorium of Galaalti" - a new therapeutic and recreational resort complex unique in architectural style and format of recreation is located in Shabran settlement, 120 kilometers from Baku.

On the territory of the medical and recreational complex "Galaalty" is a modern Medical-SPA center. The main directions of diagnosis: urology, cardiology, neurology, gynecology, proctology and many others. The procedures of physiotherapy are conducted: electrotherapy, shockwave therapy and cryotherapy, laser therapy, magnetic and ultrasound therapy. In the balneotherapeutic complex, the medicinal properties of medical ozocerite are used.

Inhalations and a unique proposal of the medical center-the chamber, in which with the help of sensors all parameters of natural salt caves are maintained, will help with respiratory diseases, allergies, and clear the lungs of "clean" air in large cities.

Healing water "Galaalty" has a unique natural complex of organic substances, which makes it the only therapeutic mineral water in the world, which has been recognized by urologists of many countries.

Water Galaalti used in the treatment of urolithiasis in various forms.

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