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Medical tourism


My Travel is a medical tourism expert consultant who meets the needs of patients who need different types of medical programs.


My Travel is an independent company and, first of all, represents the interests of the patient, not of the institutions. This means that the patient is not “attached” to any particular institution, but vice versa. For each patient, as required, the material base and human resources of several clinics are mobilized simultaneously.


My Travel acts not as an intermediary between the clinic and the patient, but the organizer, who develops a treatment program, selects the best specialists and infrastructure for each specific case, regardless of which clinic they belong to.
















This allows us to:

to involve in the treatment of our patients only the best specialists on each specific problem. It is not a secret to anyone that in every country there are doctors who have achieved some success in treating a particular disease and have gained worldwide recognition among their colleagues. It is with such medical professionals that we cooperate. The beautiful interior of the hospital is not relevant for us. Our goal is to find a suitable professional for our patient.


to perform the entire program of diagnostics and treatment as efficiently and quickly Currently, when medicine


accessible to all, there is still a need for a competent and clear organization of treatment. This is important not only from the point of view of the patient but also from the point of view of the attending physician so that he and his team of specialists are ready not only to receive you but also to be of maximum benefit to you during your treatment.


significantly reduce the cost of treatment. We are well aware that treatment abroad is not a cheap, but often necessary measure, to which patients resort as the last resort to recovery. Therefore, we make every effort to relieve the patient and his relatives of the financial burden. First of all, this is achieved by saving time: short terms of diagnosis and treatment mean fewer days at the hotel, fewer expenses for domestic needs, fewer missed days at work. Secondarily, we provide our clients with a full range of necessary services (air travel, accommodation, transfers, medical escort, document translation, concierge service, etc.)

Medical institutions of Turkey with whom we cooperate:

  • Clinic Güven Ankara

  • Clinic Koru Ankara

  • Clinic's Network Medipol Mega

  • Clinic's Network Bayandir

  • Medical Center Neolife

  • Center for Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology Istanbul Implantology

  • Clinic's Network Liv Hospital

  • Clinic's Network Medicana

  • Clinic's Network Dünyagöz

  • Clinic's Network Acibadem

  • Clinic's Network Medical Park

  • Clinic Emsey Hospital Istanbul

  • Clinic's Network Memorial

  • Medical Center Anatomica

  •  Clinic Medline Adana

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